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BigCommerce Apps – 11 Apps to Boost your Sales

Bigcommerce is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms. It allows you to set up an online store for any kind of business in a few simple steps. And just like other CMS or ecommerce platforms, there are several apps to improve the user experience and improve sales or conversions on your website.

Following are some of the best apps to help you maximize your sales on Bigcommerce.

1. Smile.io

Everyone loves receiving rewards, right? So do your customers! Smile.io makes your customers all smiles by offering rewards on every purchase. The more you reward them, the higher will be the volume of your sales. All they need is getting into the reward program. They can earn more points by sharing about your business on their social media or giving referrals.

2. Clever Google Ads

Google Ads are a speedy way of getting your target customers on the website. They expand your outreach to millions of viewers over the internet. Clever Google Ads is an app that makes life easier. Integrate this app with your Bigcommerce store, sit back, and relax. Clever Google Ads will help you create and show dynamic ads to customers who will search for the products related to the ones you sell. For instance, if you are offering sports shoes on your online store then this app will advertise your business, through ads, to those who will either search for shoes, or sports, or anything similar.

3. Beeketing

Beeketing helps you create pop-up boxes and coupons for your visitors. Once a customer fills in the details, he/she is automatically converted into an email subscriber. And once someone is your subscriber, you can always reach out to them with new products or offers to convert them into buyers. This automated follow-up system helps your business achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty which are the backbone of an online business.

4. Klaviyo

Email marketing continues to be the most effective form of marketing. Klaviyo is a well-known player in the ecommerce field. Its Bigcommerce app allows you to create a subscriber list and send custom newsletters to your subscriber/customer. The app self-analyzes the behavior patterns of your customers; their searches, orders, the amount of money they spend, the time they spend looking for a particular product, etc. Based on these observations, the app can help you create and personalize the newsletters that match their interests.

5. Zopim

The concept of live chat has proved to be a game-changer in the online business. It provides you with an opportunity to engage with your potential customers and alleviate their problems and pain points. Zopim is one of the best apps for that purpose. You can get in touch with customers while they browse your online store. You can talk to them and answer their questions. Customers prefer getting the answers on the spot instead of creating support tickets and waiting for hours or days for getting a simple answer.

6. Conversio

Another cool app that makes this list is Conversio. It helps you market your business by sending regular newsletters to your customers through email. This, however, isn’t it. This app offers much more than that. For example, you can send purchase receipts, old newsletters and abandoned cart information to your customers as well. You can also send online survey forms where your clients can write reviews on your products. So, you can do multiple things to improve the reputation of your Bigcommerce store from this single app.

7. Robin

Are you a fan of Batman? Well, here’s Robin who’ll watch your back. It comes with features like customer retention, conversion, and client behavior analysis. You simply need to download it on your phone and start learning about your customers. This will help you devise strategies to increase sales of your products.

8. Pixelpop

You can see a lot of email marketing apps in this list. This is simply because you need to improve your conversion game. Getting a new visitor on your website will cost a lot in terms of SEO and PPC efforts. Pixelpop allows you to convert them into followers or subscribers, so you can work on the list of followers and get more sales.

9. Answerbase

The mind of a customer is filled with loads of questions when he is going through an online shopping store. This app allows you to manage a separate question-answer section for each product. You can answer any question that is being asked there. This way, new content goes up on your website regularly which improves your chances of getting organic traffic. As a result, the flow of traffic increases on your Bigcommerce store.

10. Outfy

Outfy connects your Bigcommerce store to many social media sites. The app automatically posts pictures, gif images, and videos on all the social networking platforms which you connect with it. As a result, the content which is being uploaded keeps you relevant with your followers on social media. Hence, traffic flow on your Bigcommercestore is also increased.

11. Sellbrite

This is one of our favorite apps on the list. Sellbrite allows you to sync all of your online stores; either on eBay or Amazon. This allows you to manage the inventory of your online stores from a single platform, therefore, making life a lot easier. From a single place, you can upload, manage and review the inventory with only a few clicks. So, there is very little or no confusion as to which online store needs new inventory. As a result, a steady flow of sales of your products is ensured.

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