It is estimated that 200 million digital shoppers spend an average of $1,700/person online. Wouldn’t you love to be getting a portion of that business? Part of the boom in the marketplace strategy success we are seeing in the industry is because 71% of consumers believe they will find a better deal online. They’re probably right too, because shopping online becomes effortless when you are able to compare products and research brand names. Now is the time to enter the scene!

Shopping online is not only easier for consumers, it means anyone can be seller without the expensive startup capital to open a shop. All you need to get going, is a fantastic marketplace strategy. With that in mind, is it any wonder that websites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and the likes are growing in popularity? Consumers are able to select their product and arrange delivery online from the convenience of their own home. With the world moving towards a digital reality, can you afford not to get in on one of the most lucrative movements in the commercial spectrum? With a winning marketplace strategy, success is within reach. 


If you are ready for ACTUAL results, let’s talk. Brand Rebel expands businesses beyond the marketplace and into your own ecommerce sphere. Our services are designed to assist both aspiring sellers and established sellers with getting goods seen and purchased online. 

  • We create a specialized strategy for eCommerce SEO
  • We offer prestige web design services
  • We deliver 5-star marketing ensuring your new venture fits into your current marketplace businesses as an additional revenue stream

For those with no existing businesses, we offer bespoke services around your goals:

  • Establishing your marketplace strategy and your marketplace store
  • Populating your store with products
  • Custom listings creation
  • Management and operations around the account admin
  • Keyword research ensuring your products are easily found
  • Establishment of message sequences keeping buyers updated on the progress of their order

At Brand Rebel, we value time – after all, time is money. That’s why we offer services that streamline the monotonous tasks around marketplace strategy and management. Why is this vital? It keeps your attention on revenue-generating tasks, like developing new product lines and perfecting your offerings.

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