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Roofing leads – A lead generation guide for Roofing Contractors

Are you a roofing contractor looking to expand your customer base? Do you want to switch from a traditional marketing approach to an advanced internet-based system of marketing for your roofing business? Do you want your potential customers to know about the high standards of your roofing services?

Seeing is believing and in the current era of digital marketing, you must have good online presence if you want to be seen. Several studies suggest that consumers are more likely to buy a product/service online if they see positive reviews about it. So, if you want your roofing business to thrive in the present era of digital marketing then you can draw inspiration from some of the online marketing tactics given below.

Run/Sponsor Local Events

There are two benefits to sponsoring or organizing an event for your local community. The first one is that you can use very economical online platforms for event marketing and get noticed by a long chain of people through their social media accounts. Lots of new people will get familiar with your roofing business through the event announcement which is being sponsored by you.

The second aspect of sponsoring local events is that a good number of interested people will show up at that event. You can set up stalls and banners to showcase your services and have your representatives on spot to give firsthand information about your services to the potential clients.

Local SEO

People living in the immediate vicinity of your roofing business should be your prime targets. And local SEO is the best way to target these people. All you need to do is create a GMB listing and submit your roofing business on local directories with Name, Area and Phone Number (AKA NAP). This will allow your potential customers to see vital information about your venture on the search engine. Google Local search results have a click to call option that allows the users to make a quick call with just the click of a button. They can also watch pictures of your recent projects and read reviews about your business. They can also check exact location of your business on Google Maps and then visit in person.

Lead Generation

Lead generation should be the main goal of the digital marketing strategy of a roofing business. You can use various traffic building tactics to get the visitors on your website. It includes SEO, PPC, referrals, Social Media, and more. You can also use your blog to target long tail searches. You can set up and run a social media page where you can post pictures of your roofing business along with keywords used in their captions (in the form of hashtags). You can also manage a YouTube page where you can post informative videos about your roofing business. All these traffic will send target clients to your site where you can use conversion optimization techniques to turn them into leads.

Get positive reviews

We know how effective word of mouth marketing is. And online reviews can take it to another level. When one of your happy clients leaves a positive review about your roofing business, it encourages a lot of new clients to get in touch. All you need is to ask your customers to write online reviews and give feedback on your GMB listing page. Request them to post actual pictures along with the written reviews so that your potential customers can see that these reviews are genuine. As a roofing contractor, you can generate a lot more leads simply with the power of positive reviews. You can also make use of a proper branding service to work on your reputation management.

Make use of Social Media

All businesses need to maintain a steady social media presence to keep in touch with your potential customers. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, along with a plethora of other social media platforms help you develop business pages which enjoy a high followership. Creating engaging content ensures that you are on top of their mind whenever they need a similar service.

Give Discounts

Who doesn’t love getting a discount or special offer? As a roofing contractor you should know how to pitch in discount offers to your potential customers. Tell your regular customers that they will get a discount every time they introduce a new customer to your business. You can also offer discounts to your potential clients which will make it easier for them to take the decision.

Get in the news

There are a number of digital media houses which like to promote local industry. You can always reach out to their editors and ask them to write a story about your business. You will have to provide them with something interesting or newsworthy. It is easier said than done but local press coverage can do wonders for you. So, it’s worth the effort. You can also issue a press release through a paid syndication service.

Partner with other businesses and bloggers

Your roofing business can find numerous bloggers or businesses that will be more than happy to work with you. Can you think of a relevant business or service? Or try to find local bloggers who write about real estate, lifestyle, or home improvement topics. You can also consider partnering with a video blogger. These are some of the many techniques that you can use to find leads for your roofing business. You can either setup your own team or outsource everything to a digital marketing agency like BrandRebel. Online marketing is the most cost effective medium to get business leads and the best part is, you can track each and everything. So, you will know which method is working and which one is not.

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