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The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide for Running and Fitness Coaches

Running is quickly becoming the most popular fitness activity. More and more people are looking to participate in marathons and ultra marathons. Plus, many athletes and sportsmen turn towards running to achieve fitness goals like increased stamina, endurance, and overall fitness. This means that there is an increased demand for running coaches.

Are you a running or fitness coach looking to promote your services and get more clients? The following guide will help you do exactly that. Remember that it is the age of digital. Your potential clients will not just consult a friend or contact for recommendations. They are going to hop on to their smart phones or laptops and Google the best running coaches near them. It is not enough to simply create a website or social media page. You have to spend some time or resources to market your brand and convince your potential clients.

Local SEO for coaches

You need your website or page to show up when a potential customer is searching nearby. You can achieve this goal by optimizing your website for search results. SEO is the lifeline of online marketing. Majority of internet users look up the search engines for their queries. If anyone has some query about a running coach, your website should be in the top results, and that can be achieved only by applying SEO best practices.

Make sure you show up in local searches

Local SEO can help the running coaches or fitness centers reach new clients on a constant basis. It improves your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines, thus inviting more clicks and raising your chances of getting online appointments.

Local SEO involves optimizing your website and content for keywords and the phrases that potential clients are likely to search. You will also need a GMB listing to take the top slot in the ‘local 3-packs’ on Google, which attracts a large portion of the web traffic from local clients.

Another trend, which remains unnoticed by many, is voice searches. According to the statistics, 50 percent of the searches will be voice-based by 2020. If this becomes the case, you will be missing on half of your target audience. So, be mindful of the voice searches while chalking out the SEO strategy. With voice searches, the SEO would involve more phrases starting which, when, how, and what. For example, instead of ‘best running coaches near me’, the search would be of ‘who is the best running coach near me’.

Social Media Marketing for coaches

Social media offers the running coaches an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with your clients. While allowing them to hit it off with the new clients, it enables the coaches to retain the existing ones too. All one needs is to have an active and effective social media strategy.

Engage your audience

Social media platforms provide you a medium of communication to keep your existing clients in the loop. It is the bridge between your business and your customers. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the mediums that can produce great results if used strategically. These are the sites where both your existing and potential clients can coexist and stay updated with what your business is offering.

However, bear in mind that just creating an account or making a page is not Social Media Marketing. You have to communicate regularly and effectively with people. Regular posts and interactions help people remember you. Moreover, answer the queries in a spirited, enthusiastic way. Provide all the relevant information and let them know about your discount and offers. Update news about marathons and share tips about running so that people know they are contacting an expert when they contact you. You should also invite feedback and reviews from your existing clients, as it not only generates endorsement but also builds a good image of your service.

PPC Advertisement for fitness coaches

SEO or Social Media marketing will take time before you start to see some results. If you are looking for immediate results, you can go for paid advertisements through Adwords or Facebook Ads.

The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model is an effective way to achieve that. It can help you acquire new clients from search engines in lesser time. Google’s PPC network enables you to advertise your coaching business on different websites that are relevant to your potential clients. The PPC advertisements include text ads (advertisement on Google search results) and images or video ads on websites and YouTube.

While the Google Ads results may not seem as viable because of being obvious as sponsored, they are more effective than one may think. More than 35 percent of people do not care if the results are organic or Google Ads. This form of advertising has a lot of benefits. You will be charged only when the target user will interact with the advert. It means every cent you pay is worth its while.

Reputation Management for coaches

What makes the internet incredible is that it is a free space. However, the same quality can turn the internet into a nightmare. This ‘microphone’ is available to every person with the help of which he/she can spread his/her voice everywhere. Consumers use this microphone to share their experiences of brands and services with other people. The business review sites have also made the reputation management quite tough.

However, this factor helps the clients to obtain the best services. If you are providing a good service, you have nothing to be scared about. Just make sure that your clients are satisfied when they go outside your door. Offer discounts or other services to the disgruntled clients.

In order to organize it, use an online reputation management service. These services help the businesses keep track of what their customers or clients are saying about them. They monitor online reviews and manage the negative ones strategically. The positive image of your coaching business will build trust and credibility of your service and raise the chances that people select you over other coaches for guidance and assistance.

Youtube marketing for coaches

Experts predict that video content will take over 90 percent of internet traffic by the end of 2019. It is prudent to leverage out of this and work on video marketing. Be it Facebook or Instagram, all the sites have shown higher user engagement rates on the video content. It means that the marketing of your coaching service will need the creation and distribution of video content.

As per the statistics, 72 percent of people prefer videos over text to learn about a service or a product when both are available on a webpage. So, if you want yourself to be heard, you should focus on video content as well as text to attract potential clients.

Your video content should be available in all preferred formats like whiteboard animation and 2D. You will also be required to research the frequent searches related to the industry. For instance, many parents wonder whether their kids should be running more than 3k or not. You can make an explanatory video on why there is no harm to it and also give some tips to increase stamina. This will keep the customers coming back for more.

Content Marketing for running coaches

Content marketing has become a conventional marketing strategy. However, it still works and brings a lot of clients to businesses. This form of marketing for coaching business entails generating, publishing, and distributing different forms of branded content in all the relevant online platforms.

It tends to pique the clients’ interest in the service by providing information about industry-related issues. Blog posts, marketing emails, e-books, advertisements, infographics, and videos are different forms of content that can attract potential clients and educate the current ones.

Providing information regarding running practices and foods to eat and avoid for the runners will not only authenticate your service but also will urge the client to inquire more and seek advice. It will also make people notice and remember your brand. Attracting potential clients through meaningful and relevant content is called inbound marketing.

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